What is IP ratings

The water and dust protection for electrical equipment is determined by means of IP rating also known as Ingress Protection Rating – in the form of IPxx of electrical equipment. The standard for SFS-EN 60529 + A1 has been published in 2011 for electrical equipment protection and is suitable for almost every electrical appliance including light. In this blog post we will cover the basics of IP rating in relation to lighting. 1. What is the IP rating? IP rating is followed by a series of two digits explaining how an electrical product’s exterior case or enclosure can protect the inside part from water dust or solid o... Read more

Lights for Revit: user interface

In this article we will go through the user interface of the LIGHTS app and discover all the benefits it provides with. LIGHTS add-in for Autodesk Revit is a full LED library which contains 70 LED lighting fixture families. Thanks to our cloud service, the library updates automatically guaranteeing that you will always have the newest models at use. After installing our LIGHTS for Revit, open the app in the add-in section. Start your lighting design with findi... Read more

tips for designing light in the kitchen

Kitchens are really the heart of the home. It is the place not only use for preparing meals but also for many activities like sorting mail, reading or doing homework and tasks. This room, therefore, needs layers of illumination to shine it which are task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting. In general, first step when designing lighting in the kitchen is planning task lighting to figure out where you really need light to do task. After that, accent lighting will be added to visualize the kitchen making it look more appealing and cozy. Finally, it comes to general lighting with the purpose of filling out the space with just the r... Read more

Accent lighting: Wall Washing and Wall Grazing

Accent lighting is an essential component of layered lighting. In one of our previous blogposts we already discussed its importance. In this article we add on to it by talking about two techniques for accent lighting – wall washing and wall grazing. Wall grazing and wall washing are two similar techniques that are used to draw attention to a wall by using lights. Let’s review in which situations they should be used and what are the main differences between them. Wall-washing Wall washing is a great addition to any space and an essential component in layered lighting design. Wall washing enables the illumination of vertical surf... Read more


It is true that King of Sports is Football. Every year, there are thousands of football matches happened all around the world, whether just small size league matches or a big one such as World Cup. In the contribution of a successful match, Light is one of the important factors. Lighting system for football fields must meet the needs from broadcasters, spectators, players and officials. Today, our new blog will be about Lighting requirements in a football field. Before going to the main part, we need to know clearly what categories of the football competitions are. Normally, the competitions are divided into five categories (classes).... Read more