LED lighting for Sauna

LEDs are here to stay. They have already replaced old halogens and now they are invading saunas and other hot and moist places as well. Be careful not to destroy the atmosphere with a lighting too bright One of the most important things to take into consideration when designing lighting for sauna is not to put too much light into the space and that the color temperature is correct for the atmosphere sought after. Especially when it comes to saunas, ambience is the most important aspect, and it is easily destroyed if there is too much light or the color temperature is too cold. 3000 Kelvin, 4,8W LED-strips are very popular at the... Read more

Imaginative and modern LED lighting solutions from Seinäjoki housing fair 2016: Villa Tango

This American style mansion does not lack massive stone fireplaces; high spaces; gold-gleaming, thick curtains, or masculine, wooden furniture. The lighting solution for this impressive home was conducted in collaboration with interior designers. When the project took off, the interior designers considered lighting as one of the most important aspects: therefore e.g. the fold-down ceilings in the living room were already in place when Winled's lighting designer, Toni Reinilä, joined the process. For example, by using Dialux Reinilä assured, that the indirect lighting used in these fold-downs was effective enough and it suited the purpose of... Read more

Lighting design for cafés and restaurants

Cafés and restaurants are definitely not the easiest ones when it comes to lighting design. There are many different functionalities in one space: the mood should stay loyal to the theme of the place; there should be enough light for cleaning and using the cash register; kitchen needs a lighting that supports cooking and activities requiring high definition without generating excessive heat; customers should not be blinded with a lighting too bright but they still should be able to see what they eat – just to name a few. Therefore, a professional lighting designer with the right tools comes in handy when designing a lighting entity for a c... Read more

Facade lighting with LEDs

When designed in a distinct way, facade lighting can be an amazing tool for standing out and perfecting the first impression – whether the building in question is the headquarters of a company or a family home. Of course, facade and yard lighting has a role in enhancing safety as well, but the main goal is to emphasize the architecture and wall surfaces. High IP-class, proper illuminance levels and design making all the difference When it comes to facade lighting it goes without saying that the LED lig... Read more

The importance of effective lighting in a nursing home

It goes without saying that when people get older the vision gets weaker, emphasizing the importance of the accessibility of the living environment. For example, 20-something youngsters can detect facial features even in dim lighting, but when it comes to e.g. 40-year-olds, the same ability requires lighting more effective – to be more exact, the demand has at least doubled when turning 40. Not until recently lighting design and the standards used were strongly based on the vision qualities of the 20 to 30 year olds, but since the age distribution has changed and the need for the elderly care is increasing, the lighting solutions easing... Read more